carry on bag
Don’t forget anything at home.

When you are going on a trip or anywhere out for few days, you need to pack your essentials so that you could use them there. Packing for carry-on travel isn’t a science, it’s an art. When it comes to packing bags, Experienced travelers will tell you that the number one mistake most rookies make is overpacking their bags. Sure, we want to make sure we’re prepared for any weather or situation, but that doesn’t mean packing our entire life into a suitcase.

For making your journey less stressful, here are few prior tips you should follow:-

  1. Select right carry-on bag:

Not all carry-on luggage is made equal. Many travelers overlook the practicality of their bag and just purchase any ole’ carry-on that manages to fit in the overhead bin. However, it’s important to take several factors into consideration when choosing the best type of luggage for carry-on travel.

First, you’ll need to decide on the size of your bag. Size limitations vary from carrier to carrier, so you should always double-check with your specific airline to confirm your carry-on fits the bill. It’s not uncommon for domestic airlines and international airlines to have different size restrictions. Fortunately, Travelocity lets you see luggage limits, as well as the size and weight restrictions, while you’re choosing your flight.

Second, you’ll want to choose the right type of bag for your journey. Backpacks are easier to carry if you’re on the go, like island hopping through Thailand or riding trains through Norway. You won’t have to worry about hauling a heavy suitcase up several flights of stairs or through cobblestone alleys.

2. Pack clothes for a week:

If you’re traveling for just a few days, you probably won’t run into issues fitting your clothes into a carry-on. However, packing the right items for a trip longer than a week might be more difficult.

A good rule of thumb is to pack just one week’s worth of clothing. Maximum.

If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, simply plan on doing laundry during your trip. Unless you’re blessed with access to a washer or dryer, you might end up washing dirty clothes in the sink. For this reason, clothes that can be washed and easily air-dried (i.e. quick-dry underwear) should have first priority on your packing list.

3. Roll instead of fold:

It’s the great packing debate—should you roll or fold your clothes?

If you’re traveling carry-on and want to fit more items into your bag, then rolling is definitely the way to go. Expert travelers like myself swear by the rolling method for packing more items into tight spaces. Clothes that are rolled are more compact and space-saving than clothes packed in the traditional folded way.

It’s worth the extra time and effort to fit everything neatly into your carry-on. The rolling method also avoids those pesky creases that you get from folding. Rolling leaves you (and your clothes) happy and wrinkle-free. Yay!

4. . Be selective about footwear :

Let’s face it—packing the right pair of shoes isn’t easy. Not only are the majority of shoes bulky, but they also take up large amounts of space in your carry-on.

The key is to bring shoes that are versatile and comfortable. I know, it’s easier said than done. But trust me, nothing is worse than getting blisters on your first day and not wearing that specific shoe for the rest of the trip.

Two pairs should do the trick. One comfortable pair for walking or hiking, and another pair that can be dressed up or down. If you’re jet setting somewhere tropical or warm, swap the second pair for flip-flops or sandals.

As a side note, you should always wear the bulkier of the two pairs on the plane in order to free up extra space in your bag. We’ll get to more of that in a little bit.